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Meet Lewy, a tremendously gifted lyricist which has a vocal range reminiscent of the 90's R&B era.

Almost one entire year after the release of Lewy's next Album (Through The Eyes) of mine, the 26-year old Los Angeles native is back with the first music video of his of 2018. Guided by Rich Bella, "Baila" is the embodiment of Lewy's Cuban American culture. It is likewise a genuine saying of his love for his friends and family. "This music video is focused on coming together, irrespective of culture. You do not need a lot of issues. You only need things that are simple. I just needed to bring the family of mine together because those are the folks that are obtainable with me no matter what," said Lewy.

"Family, loyalty, and love. Those 3 basics are what drive this particular Cuban American artist to perfect his craft ". Lewy's blend of soulful melodies and impressive lyrics produces art that tells a story.

Fast growing up in Southern California, Lewy started rapping and composing his lyrics at a age. Music acted as an escape and method to obtain healing from everyday life. Coming from a broken household and navigating through many rough relationships, Lewy uses love and past experiences as the muse of his for the artistry of his.

Baila is the next single from many Summer releases that Lewy has termed "Graduation Season." This track features production from his while music collaborator, Anthony "Sound Baila Boi" Reeder. Check out the latest video of his for "Baila" and follow Lewy on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook for those of his newest music.

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